Eva Cherniavsky/Ivan Foster (April 2013)

Tracy is, quite simply, an extraordinary teacher: at once demanding and patient, serious about cultivating her students’ proficiency and comprehension, but witty and relaxed in her approach.  I have been especially impressed with the way in which she teaches my son (10 when he started with her, now 13) both the techniques of playing saxophone and the principles of blues and jazz composition and improvisation. She knows now to engage children and teens — but never by talking down or soft-pedaling what they are ready to learn.  My son’s comment:  “Tracy makes it fun to learn about music.  She connects really well with her students. Over the past three years, I’ve learned a lot and I want to keep learning.”


Tracy Ferrara sax lessons

Roz Weeks (July 4, 2012)

I remember back in 2006 when I was in 4th grade I had just began band in elementary school. I was very nervous because I couldn’t keep up with my classmates. After only two lessons Tracy got me right on track with the class. From then on she has helped me through my school bands, jazz bands, orchestral bands and more. When my school instructor told me I had to learn how to play a song on the bass clarinet in two weeks for a show, she got me prepared and I nailed it. Tracy has helped further my knowledge in reading, improvisation, listening skills and more. She is awesome because not only does she know her stuff, she makes it so enjoyable. She cracks me up. I would definitely recommend Tracy!

Tracy Ferrara sax lessons

Quinn Murphy (March 2, 2012)

Tracy has been a great sax teacher to me ever since I picked up the instrument. Over the last couple of years, my saxophone skills have improved dramatically and I credit that completely to her. With her as my teacher, I have never messed up an audition for middle school or high school bands. She’s also really patient and a cool person to be around.

Tracy Ferrara sax lessons

“Tracy is the ideal teacher”

Keri Watson (July 30, 2011)

I love jazz and as much as I want to play it, I’m intimidated. Tracy picks up on this right away and puts me at ease so I truly feel like I’m getting somewhere with it. I picked up the sax because I love the sound, I love the range & I love the improvisation. With Tracy I am learning how to get all of this from my sax, even at a very beginner level. When I first started learning sax many years ago, under another instructor, I was craving wanting to just improvise and get lost in my sax, but knew I needed the basics first so I practiced show tunes, patiently, but was very uninspired and let the practicing take less importance. I told Tracy this story and within a few lessons I had very basic jazz concepts & tunes to practice.

I struggle with music theory, but realize the importance of understanding it so I can get more out of my sessions and practice. Tracy makes it very easy to understand but doesn’t hold you back from the fun stuff, in fact music theory is incorporated in the things you want to play.

I am also a mom of two kids on completely different schedules so I am never without one that doesn’t need something– in a tiny house. So I RARELY have free time or a place to practice, especially in the way I really want to. This is another thing that Tracy doesn’t let me suffer from. I am frustrated that I can’t put in hours of practice, especially when I feel so inspired leaving a lesson with Tracy, but she sets me up so well to make the most out of my limited time, whether it is something to listen to (& how), fingerings on a silent sax, a different way to look at sheet music so I understand it better, etc. Any obstacle that gets in your way, Tracy finds a way around it so it works for you. She is understanding and patient.

Tracy Ferrara sax lessons

“As a teacher, Tracy has it all”

Janet E. Ploss, MD (April 01, 2011)

I have been studying jazz clarinet with Tracy Ferrara for five months. She has impressed me from day one. I did not have a jazz background; as a young person decades ago had played classical music. Tracy was so skilled at presenting me with the building blocks of jazz in a sequential manner. Each lesson built upon what she had taught previously. She is encouraging, enthusiastic and very responsive to where her students are at and what they are looking for. She explains things so well. Her skills and her energy as a teacher are amazing. I highly recommend Tracy if you are interested studying jazz clarinet or saxophone with an accomplished teacher.

Tracy Ferrara sax lessons

“Tracy can teach an old dog new tricks”

Amy Douglas (June 14, 2010)

From total beginners or seasoned players, elementary students or a middle-aged adults, Tracy Ferrara is capable of teaching most anyone how to enjoy playing music. She tailors each lesson to the needs of her individual students, and always throws in a challenge somewhere in the midst of the hour. Her demeanor puts you at ease and allows you to make mistakes, but learn from them with a bit of laughter to boot. I’d recommend Tracy to anyone who is thinking of taking up the saxophone (or clarinet), and am very happy that I found her online. I’ve learned a ton in just 6 months after not playing for 15 years, and really enjoy learning about music again. She’s a hoot and a half!

Tracy Ferrara sax lessons

“Great Saxophone Teacher”

Thomas Gray Hurley (April 14, 2010)

Tracy is fun and funny and she really wants me to grow as a musician. She listens to meas I talk about things others than sax. She is very helpful and engergetic. She can play and has an alto, a tenor, and a soprano sax. She teachers me jazz which I love. I have to sight read classical too.

Tracy Ferrara sax lessons

“Tracy is great for all Levels”

Kris Murphy (December 23, 2008)

We started with Tracy when my son needed to ramp up quickly as a brand new sax player, coming from piano and guitar. Tracy covered all of the basics necessary to get him placed in a band at Washington Middle School within 3 months.

This year (his second) he started jazz and is doing great. He has now resumed his lessons with Tracy to learn improvisation for potential placement into Senior Jazz next year.

Tracy has been extremely competent for all of Quinn’s needs, and I believe accelerated his placement beyond where he would have been otherwise.

Thank you Tracy!

Tracy Ferrara sax lessons

“Tracy is great!”

Sunita Iyer (November 11, 2008)

I really enjoy my time working with Tracy on my clarinet skills. She brings all of her experience and humor to each lesson, and pushes and challenges me to do a bit more each time. I feel lucky to have a talented teacher who meets me where I am so close by!

Tracy Ferrara sax lessons

“Tracy IS da-Bomb!”

Jeff Heinz (October 17, 2008)

I first got ahold of Tracy as a 40 year old jazz fan that owned a saxophone for several years and struggled thru endless hours of self teaching. I was farther along after my first 2 hours with Tracy than i was after years of self teaching. Tracy was able to cater my lessons to exactly what i was looking to get from it. She was able to work with me and figure out how much time i had to practice, what i wanted to do with my music, and what my ability was, and then focus our lessons on just that! Tracy is a great person, an amazing musician, and an outstanding teacher! Thank you Tracy!

Tracy Ferrara sax lessons

“Tracy is terrific!”

Lea Ann Parsons (October 5, 2008)

Tracy has been the clarinet teacher of my son for almost 2 years (4th-5th grade). In the beginning, he was a reluctant clarinet player but Tracy provided him a foundation that helped him become enthusastic and very interested in music. Not only has he become good at clarinet, but he has learned the important principles of music and now even sings on key! I highly recommend Tracy for her competence, ability to tailor to the student’s needs, and motivation.

Tracy Ferrara sax lessons

“She’s brilliant, and fun to work with”

Clifford Burke (September 08, 2008)

I spent two hours with Tracy at our first lesson and even though it was chock-full of tips, techniques, advice, theory, charts, assignments, puzzles solved, questions answered, stories, jokes, riffs, it seemed as though we’d been at it for about 15 minutes. I don’t have the opportunity to have a lesson with Tracy very often (I live far away) and I envy those who get to study with her all the time.

Tracy Ferrara sax lessons

“Tracy RAWKS”

Nancy Lashbrook (September 02, 2008)

I really don’t want to give Tracy a high rating because then you (or someone like you) might take my lesson spot! Seriously though, I have no clarinet background, am an elderly 48 yr old woman and Tracy was able to quickly coax me beyond squeaks to wheezes to some pretty fun clarinet playin’. Great fun with just enough theory so that it makes sense, gets all pulled together and can go off in all kinds of different directions!

Tracy Ferrara sax lessons

“Tracy teaches both my sons”

Connie M (August 27, 2008)

Tracy has taught my oldest son for two years. He started playing the clarinet age 11. He tells me that he has learned a lot about music theory from Tracy and really enjoys going to his lessons. He is a star in the wind ensemble at school because of Tracy.

My second son has been playing the viola in the school string ensemble, but really wanted to learn to play the saxophone so he could join the jazz band. He started his lessons with Tracy a few months ago (age 11), and he is making great progress. He tells me she is a great teacher.

Tracy Ferrara sax lessons

“Tracy is a great instructor!”

Jerry L (August 21, 2008)

I highly recommend Tracy Ferrara. Tracy is fun to work with, plus her knowledge of music theory and woodwinds in general is amazing. Working with Tracy, you will acheive your goals and become a better musician.

Tracy Ferrara sax lessons

“Tracy has it all”

Rick Springer (August 15, 2008)

I came to Tracy with several year of classical clarinet training and wished to 1) learn sax and 2) learn a more improvisational style. Tracy is great with instrument fundamentals as well as the music theory that supports improvisation. She is very patient and understands the art of teaching as well a command of the subject matter.

Tracy Ferrara sax lessons

“Don’t miss a chance to take lessons from Tracy!”

Felix (August 14, 2008)

Over 20 years after studying classical clarinet in school, I started taking lessons from Tracy to learn jazz saxophone. I couldn’t be more pleased. Tracy is extremely knowledgeable about both theory and practice, and is also very patient and easy going. She is very flexible, and open to tailor lessons to my interests. I thoroughly enjoy my experience with Tracy, and look forward to my lesson every week.